Friday, May 14, 2010

fruits of Cambodia

Queen of the fruits  - the Mangosteen


And last but not least.....King of the fruits - The Durian

so how does a King taste?, well, locals and (some) tourists say eating one is like eating creme brulee over an open sewer because the stench is quite penetrating but the taste is amazing... Overstatement of the year if you ask me... it tasted like a sweet slightly rotting onion ..

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just came back from Panama, and as usual I'm posting the pictures first... more text will follow later - most importantly - I ate food - lots of food - and took lots of photos of food :)

so to get myself started, here is a shortlist of the highlights: 

1) Ice cream place called Granclement  - Gourmet Ice creams & sorbets, located in the colonial zone - panama city - WOW amazing ice cream !

2) Sake - interesting sushi place...sushi flambe' anyone?

3) ManoloCaracol (Panama City) - serves 11 (..or was it 12?) courses.... and they don't tell you what is on the menu - they just serve it.. sometimes you get lucky, and other times... well they had a pineapple and dried fish theme when we visited...

and finally,
4) Limoncillo, one of panama city`s new upscale restaurants (and quite expensive..) but worth every cent

Henriette's appetizer - yes it is Feta cheese with rosemary and lemon sauce - yum !     

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Boy !

At the age of ten I believed that Easter was a religious celebration, to be spent with your family playing cards and listening to your uncle Vernon tell his stories from when he worked and visited places far far away.

Ok ok, so I don't actually have an uncle Vernon, but if I had I'm sure he would have had many good stories....

Anyhow, at fifteen I thought that Easter had nothing to do with family and religion - instead it was a holiday for skiing, binge-drinking, and more importantly skiing and drinking at the same time (mom, I never did this, never...). Or if you grew up in warmer places like say Spain to sunbathe and drink at the same time - trust me when I say - the spanish version is really so much nicer, easier and not to mention warmer than the Norwegian version (mom, I might have done this.. once..).

Now at thirty, I believe Easter is for spending time with your family and friends and for eating sinful amounts of chocolate and candy. (if you're religious and offended by this - please do forgive me..pretty please)

And that brings us to Easter eggs. Its the perfect thing to give your loved ones for Easter. Preferably one filled with chocolate and candy, like these.  You can buy these wonderful babies here and here, and from here.

But what if you forgot to make and/or buy an Easter egg for your loved one(s)? ... awkward 

Lucky for you boys - we girls are easy to impress. Bake her a chocolate cake shaped like an egg instead and she will instantly be smitten.. ;) (if you forgot to give an easter egg to a boy, don`t despair, he probably didnt notice anyway)

Chocolate cake egg - it surely can`t be the easiest of cakes to make - and the result may look something like this one.... Yes, true, it does look more like cow dung than an easter egg... but it doesn't matter because it's the thought that counts anyway. And it is truly the funniest and sweetest easter egg anyone has ever given me !

Easter Egg 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

what I've been eating and photographing lately...

Salads !!

and um.. chocolate and scones.....  ok soooo in reality I'm snacking on salad between desserts..

anyhow, this blog post is not about how a girl can't live on chocolate alone (although, have anyone seriously ever tried??? hmmmm.... ) or about how the bikini season is approaching faster than you can say ibsens ripsbusker og andre buskvekster

THIS blog is about how I've been taking some sweet food photos lately...

i) salad with chicken, mango and apple - look - LOOK at those colors !!!
(made by Vicki, Helene and myself one very funny saturday evening)

ii) salad with chicken and horseradish cream
(from kolonihagen, my favorite saturday/sunday breakfast place)

Monday, February 15, 2010

One dessert to rule them all.... chocolate soufflé (cup)cakes

If there was such a dessert it would be this one !!

Recipe as usual from Deb at smittenkitchen 

Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes
170 grams bittersweet chocolate, chopped 
86 grams unsalted butter
1/4 teaspoon instant coffee powder
3 eggs, separated
6 tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

- I used Valrhona Guanaja 70% for the first batch but Manjari 64% for the second batch, because I read on a food blog that 70% is not the best for souffles due to lower sugar content.. however, that was not the case in this recipe.. The Guanaja batch was clearly the best one as it had a richer chocolate taste. That being said, I really am a sucker for really dark and bitter chocolate (feasting on a plate of Valrhonas 85% Abinao as we speak.. wiiii)

ooops, sorry, major chocolate distraction.. now back to recipe
- stir chocolate, butter and coffee powder in pan until melted
- beat egg yolkes and 3 tablespoons sugar in bowl until pale and thick
- add chocolate mixture and vanilla 
- beat egg whites and 3 tablespoons sugar and salt in other bowl until very white and fluffy
- fold egg whites in chocolate mixture, in 3 additions

adding melted chocolate to egg mixture...


and then carefully folding in the egg whites

- divide batter in small cupcakes, large muffin cups, round/heart shaped cake pan or other
- bake in oven at 160 C degrees (350 F) until... umm done... somewhere between 5-15 min depending on the size of your cupcake/pan

The original recipe also calls for white chocolate mint cream  (heat cream and mix with chopped white chocolate, and if you can find it - which I could not despite my desperate search in all of Oslo's gourmet stores - some mint extract for flavoring). Liked it almost better without cream though, but again I am a sucker for chocolate. Next time I think I'll make it with a hazelnut crust and layer it with two different chocolate types - one darker and one lighter.. yum !

My two batches of batter made for:
- cupcakes for the weekly Friday coffee & cake at work + some extras to bring for girls dinner in the evening...

- mother day's cake (half eaten) :)) 

oh and one very cheesy heart-shaped valentines cake... so cheesy it could in fact not be pictured on this blog ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want to live Kolonihagen

Its the cutest cafe in Oslo, Kolonihagen in Frogner. Perfect place for sunday (and every other day) morning indulgences !!