Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Boy !

At the age of ten I believed that Easter was a religious celebration, to be spent with your family playing cards and listening to your uncle Vernon tell his stories from when he worked and visited places far far away.

Ok ok, so I don't actually have an uncle Vernon, but if I had I'm sure he would have had many good stories....

Anyhow, at fifteen I thought that Easter had nothing to do with family and religion - instead it was a holiday for skiing, binge-drinking, and more importantly skiing and drinking at the same time (mom, I never did this, never...). Or if you grew up in warmer places like say Spain to sunbathe and drink at the same time - trust me when I say - the spanish version is really so much nicer, easier and not to mention warmer than the Norwegian version (mom, I might have done this.. once..).

Now at thirty, I believe Easter is for spending time with your family and friends and for eating sinful amounts of chocolate and candy. (if you're religious and offended by this - please do forgive me..pretty please)

And that brings us to Easter eggs. Its the perfect thing to give your loved ones for Easter. Preferably one filled with chocolate and candy, like these.  You can buy these wonderful babies here and here, and from here.

But what if you forgot to make and/or buy an Easter egg for your loved one(s)? ... awkward 

Lucky for you boys - we girls are easy to impress. Bake her a chocolate cake shaped like an egg instead and she will instantly be smitten.. ;) (if you forgot to give an easter egg to a boy, don`t despair, he probably didnt notice anyway)

Chocolate cake egg - it surely can`t be the easiest of cakes to make - and the result may look something like this one.... Yes, true, it does look more like cow dung than an easter egg... but it doesn't matter because it's the thought that counts anyway. And it is truly the funniest and sweetest easter egg anyone has ever given me !

Easter Egg 2010

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