Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just came back from Panama, and as usual I'm posting the pictures first... more text will follow later - most importantly - I ate food - lots of food - and took lots of photos of food :)

so to get myself started, here is a shortlist of the highlights: 

1) Ice cream place called Granclement  - Gourmet Ice creams & sorbets, located in the colonial zone - panama city - WOW amazing ice cream !

2) Sake - interesting sushi place...sushi flambe' anyone?

3) ManoloCaracol (Panama City) - serves 11 (..or was it 12?) courses.... and they don't tell you what is on the menu - they just serve it.. sometimes you get lucky, and other times... well they had a pineapple and dried fish theme when we visited...

and finally,
4) Limoncillo, one of panama city`s new upscale restaurants (and quite expensive..) but worth every cent

Henriette's appetizer - yes it is Feta cheese with rosemary and lemon sauce - yum !     

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